Universal belt drive control FW 508 NT

The compact controller for DC geared motors in the 120-W power segment - with two initiators inputs and a 15-pin PLC interface.

FW 508 NT offers universal application options:

  • control of product transfer stations
  • shingle conveyor
  • belt feeders
  • magazine emptying facilities

More features
Program choice:

  • via an externally accessible switch
  • up to 8 different functional programs callable

DC motor:

  • with an internal I x R-Control infinitely adjustable

Idle time monitoring:

  • infinitely adjustable by built-in timer (Prevents longer emptying of the conveyor. The belt exit is optional soft or hard.)

Initiators inputs:

  • 4-pin M12x1 round plug sockets
  • with free programmable output e.g. for light/dark switching of the light barrier

Features of the PLC interface:

  • access to potential-free changeover contact of the fail safe relay
  • semiconductor output for warning light and "engine running" signal
  • logical states of the initiators accessable
  • inputs for external start and reset
  • input (optional) for start inhibit function
  • 24V supply voltage for logic functions
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